3rd Generation


Mr. Faik Yacob Obayda

Mr. Faik Obayda is now survived in trading by:

Mr. Nabil Obayda.


Mr. Faik Obayda started a General Trading Company in the early part of the 20th century and went on to specialise in the motorcar industry. He became the sole agent for Daimler Benz in 1932 and continued to expand and organise that field till his sad death in 1996.




Mr. Nouri Yacob Obayda

Mr. Nouri Obayda is now survived in trading by:

Mr. Joe Obayda

Mr. Moonem Obayda

Mr. Jack Obayda


Mr. Nouri Obayda was studying law at a university in Beirut when his uncle (Yousif Obayda), who was a timber merchant in Basra, passed away and duty called for him to abandon a law degree and go to Basra to continue the family timber trade.




Mr. Phillip Yacob Obayda



Mr. Philip Obayda regretfully did not have any off springs and is now deceased.


He was involved in the Obayda family business, Daimler Benz, Timber Trading, Textiles and many other products.




Mr. Sami Yacob Obayda

Mr. Sami Obayda is now survived in trading by:

Mr. Faris Obayda


Mr. Sami Obayda joined the Obayda Timber Trading organisation in Baghdad and later moved to Basra during the illness of the late Mr. Nouri Obayda. Eventually went back to the Baghdad. He also started a contracting company in Baghdad and Basra.




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