2nd Generation



Mr. Yacob Abdilkarim Obayda

Born around 1860 in Mosul. A timber merchant started in Mosul and moved on to Baghdad. In Baghdad, his right hand man was Mr. Wadie Habboosh, who stayed over 50 years with the organisation. He had 10 offspring. 5 boys and 5 daughters. 4 of the sons survived to enter the family business.




Mr. Yousif Abdilkarim Obayda

Born around 1865 in Mosul. Moved down to Baghdad and then on to Basra to become a prominent business man of the city. There were mainly 2 timber traders in Iraq. The largest timber merchant of his time in Iraq. When timber started to arrive by sea going vessels, it arrived to Basra, the only port of Iraq, and from there it was distributed to the office in Baghdad and Mosul. It is said that when the first British Naval vessel arrived in Basra, he was one of the personalities, including Mr. Simon Gharibian (another timber merchant) and Mr. Basheyan, who were nominated by the Chamber of Commerce to go and greet the commander. He had no offspring.




Mr. Naoom Abdilkarim Obayda

Born around 1870 in Mosul and Stayed there all his life. He built a Church at the village of Bahshika in memory of all the Obayda fmily. Married Mary Abbosh, but had no children. He was a Timber Merchant.




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